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Barnes Lectures on Christian Evidences

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Dr. David C. Bossard

Dr. David C. Bossard
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The Barnes Lectures
on the Evidences of Christianity
in the Nineteenth Century


Albert Barnes,
author of Barnes Notes.

This is a series of ten lectures delivered in 1867 in Mercer Street Church, New York City. Dr. Barnes has an extraordinary ability to lecture in a way that is easy to understand, and that ability is reflected in the most reader-friendly book of its type that I have ever seen. -- dcb.

The lectures are available here as linked html pages: Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity in the Nineteenth Century (1868)

The individual lectures are also available here as text-searchable pdf documents:

Preface [6 pages; 1.1 Mb]
Lecture 1 [32 pages; 12.7 Mb] The Limitations of the Human Mind on the Subject of Religion.
Lecture 2 [33 pages; 13.9 Mb] Historical Evidence as Affected by Time.
Lecture 3 [36 pages; 14.8 Mb] Historical Evidence as Affected by Science.
Lecture 4 [40 pages; 16.6 Mb] The Evidence of Christianity From its Propagation.
Lecture 5 [43 pages; 17.9 Mb] Miracles: The Evidence in the Nineteenth Century That They Were Performed in the First.
Lecture 5-Appendix [49 pages; 23.8 Mb] On Miracles: What evidence is there in favor of the miracles of the Bible stronger than that which can be alleged for other miracles? Why should not the principles of Rationalism be applied to that which is claimed in the Bible to be supernatural?
Lecture 6 [32 pages; 13.3 Mb] The Arguments for the Truth of Christianity, in the Nineteenth Century, from Prophecy.
Lecture 7 [56 pages; 18.9 Mb] Inspiration of the Scriptures with Reference to the Objections Made in the Nineteenth Century.
Lecture 8 [36 pages; 14.6 Mb] The Evidence of the Divine Origin of Christianity From the Personal Character and the Incarnation of Christ.
Lecture 9 [36 pages; 14.7 Mb] The Christian Religion as Adapted to the Wants of Man, as Illustrated in these Eighteen Hundred Years.
Lecture 10 [59 pages; 23.3 Mb] The Relation of Christianity to the World's Progress in Science, Civilization, and the Arts in the Nineteenth Century.



Richard Dawkins, The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, Free Press, 2009.

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